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Also I am running the Niagara Falls half so see you there

YAYAYAYAY I’ll message you in like a month and a half and ask your expected finish time so I can shout obnoxiously GO CARLING, YOUR FEET HURT FROM KICKING SO MUCH ASS, etc. or maybe start with you if I can run the half?! Also, definitely pregnant ;) I’m excited to post about ridiculous cravings and stuff on Tumblr because Tumblr > Facebook


Pregnancy & Running

Okay, first things first. Women who talk about how easy pregnancy is are dirty liars. I’m almost done my first trimester and was so tired and so sick - for the most part I was at work or in bed (even before I knew). The first 3 months are definitely the worst, so here’s a few bullet points.

  • Your boobs getΒ huge.Β No bra fits, bouncing hurts on a whole new level. 2 sports bras, anyone?
  • I find I get out of breath way easier. Even talking on the phone too much, I get out of breath - so any aerobic exercise is probably 1.5x more difficult. Not impossible, just harder.
  • Most of the time I find by the time I get ready to go for a run. Get dressed, drink water, I need a nap just to recover. Whoops.
  • I keep reading Hungry Runner Girl’s pregnancy posts and she ran a half marathon when she was 29 weeks pregnant and that’s now incredible on a whole new level. And she ran a sub-20 5km while 5 months pregnant. That makes me really, really want to run in the Niagara Falls Marathon (unsure which distance: 5, 10 or half) in October when I go home because any time would beΒ incredible.Β Plus, it would be fun passing people while 5 months pregnant ;)
  • Running a 5km tomorrow and hoping for the best. I ran for 30 minutes today and didn’t die so success!

Finally, has anyone heard t-swift’s new single?! I may or may not have listened to it 20+ times today.

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